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Check back soon for updates on pricing and availability....Website currently under construction.

We offer everything from produce CSA shares to pasture raised poultry and pork. Egg shares coming soon!

How to become a member of the CSA


Joining is easy and their are two options to choose from.


Option 1- The Basket Sold out!

     This is our full size option. You will get 12 weeks (June-August) worth of wonderful garden produce. One basket full per week. Produce will vary depending on growth at the time. This option feeds a typical family of four.


12 week CSA- $400.00 





A la Carte Options: (contact us to order)

$35.00 per week

$85.00 per month


Option 2- The Bowl Sold Out!

     This is our cut down version. For those of you interested in a smaller option serving 2 people. You also will receive a 12 week subscription, providing you with a half portion of our basket every week.


12 week CSA -$200.00 



A la Carte Options: (contact us to order)

Ask about pricing


Please email if you're interested in joining our waiting list!

Meet the Samuels family


Say hello to some of our biggest helpers! Jeremy, Jo, and Mason love harvesting the vegetables from the gardens. 


At Fresh Rx Farms we know the importance of family and love. Every garden item we sell is picked by hand. Our rural roots run deep giving us a greater appreciation for the land and resources we use at the farm, in an attempt to bring fresh natural foods back to the pantry and family back to the table.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Price: $3.00 per dozen eggs

Ask us about our free delivery!

Pasture Raised Pork

Our pork is free to range the property. Each turn of the season we rotate the grazing area by moving the fence lines. This provides the pork with plenty of foilage for grazing while also giving back nutrients to our soil year after year.


You can purchase a whole hog priced by the pound. Once purchased we will deliever to the butcher of your choice within our driving distance and you pay for processing. 



Live weight cost

    Whole hog $1.40 per pound

     Half hog $1.50 per pound


Contact us for details about processing and delivery.



Free Range Poultry


If you're looking for all natural, hormone free chicken then we have what you want. Our meat birds are raised from chicks in portable pens called chicken tractors. Each day the pen is moved to a new area allowing the chickens to have fresh green foilage to munch on.


Price: $3.50 per pound

Average chicken weighs 3-4 lbs


Contact us for more details about processing and delivery.

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